Thursday, 31 March 2011

Lego Stivs #AdamAndJoe

Nearly a year before Chris Salt made his celebrated film for Adam's Jane's Brain song*, Adam and Joe were wondering what the nubbin interlockers were called.

If you detect a strange faltering or even perhaps the sense of a ramshackledness in this clip it's because they were tired from getting up nearly half a day before they should have done, they were frightened and nervous of the Big British Behemoth Bruiser and generally way out of their depth.

They deputised for Shaun W Keaveny's Breakfast show for two weeks in August 2007 and frankly, the station has never really been the same since.

It was during their first foray into the Castle when so many of their now beloved themes were hewn from the rampart's rock. Song Wars, Text The Nation and Songwars and Text the Nation.

22nd August 2007

*Jane's Brain was Adam's first submission for Song Wars - a feature that was born during the second week of their tenure on the Breakfast Show for Shaun.

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