Saturday, 12 March 2011

Think of it as a DVD trailer #AdamAndJoe #AttackTheBlock #JoeCornish

For some years now, Joe has had a little hobby. He's noodled away at it diligently.

He's a closet, filmic word-worrier and by tomorrow he could be on the way to becoming a box-office botherer.

This small gem from a couple of years ago gives an insight into how his creative muscles flex and emphasises the importance Adam's role in bringing the film together.

We are fortunate to have this kind of material in our archives. I believe this scene is from reel seven......or the cutting room floor.....or part of a gag reel rejected from the DVD extras.

From 11th April 2009

Attack the Block: Written and Directed by Joe Cornish, premiere's in South By Southwest at midnight. I hope to goodness he's wearing clean pants.

 Attack the Block has a WebsiteFacebook page and Twitter feed.


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