Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Joe Cornish & John Boyega discuss Attack the Block on US Daytime TV! (New Day North West - Seattle)

Forgive me for powering up the silly-o-matic at this time of night but through no fault of my own, the great big blighter has moved me, once again. Having watched Joe since he was a young strip of a pizza-faced idiothole awkwardly grabbing a few seconds of screen time nearly twenty years ago, now he's talking assuredly on a daytime sofa like a proper human. 


Picture with thanks to Greg.

Joe and John are in the middle of a short press tour, taking in Chicago, Austin, Seattle, San Diego and I presume L.A. and New York. This morning they were on New Day West in Seattle.

Both Adam and Joe have wriggled their way into our homes and hearts with their silly pop-cultural cupcakes and we must be forgiven for taking a ridiculous pride in their success.

There are a couple of rumours about projects Adam may be embarking upon.

These are indeed, exciting times for these........National Treasures.



Please try to catch Adam Buxton in Bristol on 23rd July, at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival on 25th to 29th August, in Greenwichon 10th September, BFI BUG27 at the end of September and in Hull on 3rd November.




Attack the Block, written and directed by Joe Cornish, can still be found on a big screen in a very few places in the UK but is currently opening around the world to great acclaim.


If you're in London, it's showing in an inspired piece of programming with Mars Attacks! atThe Riverside Studios this Thursday and The Prince Charles starts it reparatory run from Friday.  Joe will be 'in conversation' at Somerset House at the end of the month.

The DVD and Blu-Ray will be in our UK stores on 19th September.


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