Thursday, 14 July 2011

Attack the Block, in an urban forest, for free with food and trees and grass. #AttacktheBlock

This almost seems too glorious to be true.(*SEE BELOW)


The lovely people at the Elephant and Castle Urban Forest are playing host to a Colorama Cinema screening of Attack the Block tomorrow (15th July 2011) at sunset.........and it's completely free!

Just to be clear, this is within an alien's swipe of where much of the film was actually shot in the cameras with the Fuji stuff!

Bring your blankets and cushions as it seems there's a grassy knoll upon which to loll.....................and LoL.

Reports of a BBQ and a request to 'Bring a Dish' make this more enticing by the minute. I would imagine the BBQ is not free, it should be said.

I would also recommend you bring a friend to grab for the scary bits. Horror is always more visceral in the open air....and this is in a forest, for goodness sake......near the site of a known alien invasion.

Weather Check: 




*Turns out it WAS too good to be true. Apparently, in the actual event, the projector didn't turn up until close to 10 pm and the film shown was The Hereafter, rather than Attack the Block.

I'm so sorry if anyone was disappointed but it certainly sounds like a fun evening irrespective of the change in film and lateness of show.

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