Sunday, 7 November 2010

Chill Cake and Fish Fingers #AdamAndJoe

Adam and Joe's relationship is not so much about give and take as it is push and pull.  

Adam is gracious enough to thank Joe for his half-hearted attempt to support a particularly stinky dead end he accidentally wanders into but Joe doesn't accept chill cake when it's offered to him.

From 18th April 2009

A more fruitful tangent was explored when they began to apologise to Bat For Lashes' Natasha Khan for the Stephenage she had endured.  It ended up with Joe refusing chill cake again though, despite Adam's change of tactics.

also From 18th April 2009

You'll be thrilled to know that Adam worked a little harder on his Fish Fingers song and by the following week, he'd come up with this. (The strange difference in sound is because this was from the Camden Crawl show which included noise from The General Public that distressed Joe so much.)

From 25th April 2009

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