Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Fan-Made Animation #AdamAndJoe

Adam and Joe have many talented fans who take the time to animate some of their silly waffle. I've linked Chris Salt's &  Chris Bowles's awesome work before but there are several lesser known films out there.

The aspect ratios are all over the place in this post but I can't be bothered to tidy them up. Deal with it.

This might be new to some followers of Adam and Joe and it's enjoyable on so many levels (from Ross Phillips). Ross has provided y-fronts although we know that Adam and Joe usually do battle in the nude. Those pants remind me of the Treadaway boys but that's another story.

"Nutty Room" was Adam's Song Wars choice for the Electric Proms competition last year so there are several live action videos on YouTube but this is pure, unsolicited animation. For those of a sensitive disposition this animation was made from the original version of the song which, for rhyming purposes only, contains 'Patrick Swayse'. That was respectfully changed to 'Kevin Spacey' in more recent renditions.

If that seems too short to sate your Adam and Joe appetite today, you can take a look at Boggins. I'm sure I've seen that mike & background in another A&J animation but I can't remember where it was.

Good grief, you're demanding.  Here's an interesting Stephen! alternative. The accents will melt your mind. As Buckles so aptly says in his comment "this is so obviously fake".

This is also from PopNoodles

A little bit of Blessed and Callow...

......a made-up joke

Finally, take a look at this 3D film. According to the comments, this was shown at LA3D over the weekend. I wonder what they made of it.

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