Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Delicious Lynch Lady Love and American Werewolf #AdamAndJoe

I saw American Werewolf in London on Monday night as part of one of the lovely double bills they show in what some ponces, among whom I number, call the PCC.

In order to include the right A&J nugget I need to preamble with this one so that the last bit in the second one references properly. It's not really important but it suits my ordered mind. I am insane.

So here Joe talks about David Lynch's iphone rant

This was from a show wherein the Text The Nation topic was childhood traumas.

I would like to thank the man on Monday night who, in the half light of the upstairs auditorium, seemed to be a soul that might be reliant upon the cold slats of a London park bench for his nightly rest. He stumbled in front of the screen in his woolly bobble hat during the first sex scene, pleasantly preempting the London Bobby who does the same thing in shot during the second sex scene. There's nothing finer than apposite audience induced mirth when watching a beloved film.

Both taken from 12th January 2008

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