Saturday, 6 November 2010

Not Back Yet #AdamAndJoe

I've chosen to post this today because w a a a a y back in summer, Adam had hoped he would return to 6Music with Joe during this very month. It seems unlikely that this will happen. I feel we would have been told by now and James assured me he would blog something as soon as he knew.

Collins and Herring have been doing such a thorough job of seat warming that their lovely buttocks have left an indelible imprint on the 6Music chairs.

Some weeks have been more testing than others, like that weekend when this popped out of the DAB.

Happily, their feet are under the Western House tables firmly enough for them to handle this with aplomb........

........and so it continued....

I've made a point of not posting my daily byte while Collins and Herring are on air after I insensitively did so early in their tenure.

That didn't go down well with one of the team as he rightfully felt undermined at a sensitive time. Of course, he would never have known of my tawdry existence if one of his more enthusiastic fans hadn't put his twitnick in a tweet to me but it's always worth remembering you cannot control the strange or meddling motives of everyone who uses the internet.

My motive is fun and nostalgia but if enough people tell me they loathe it, I'll stop.

Listen to Collins & Herring. You'll miss them when they're gone.

Aside: Surely 6Music will find a comfy new slot for them.


I'll be sliding an Adam and Joe spurt into the machine later on this afternoon.

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