Friday, 24 December 2010

Are you a #TwitSquadron operative? Virtual TweetUp News #AdamAndJoe

Listen again to the Adam and Joe Christmas Day Special with your troop on Boxing Day! 6pm to 9pm on Sunday 26th December 2010.

The beautiful Wickwox runs a Twitter list for any squadron members to check into for news and solace. It's function has been vital over the last twelve months and has worked as an efficient support group. Troops have been able to gently inform fellow members when the egg in their mouth is getting a bit stinky and remind them that once in a while, the pan hat needs to be removed for necessary follicle maintenance. Radio stations have been saved, toast from countless pockets has been distributed throughout the world's parks to feed the ducks during this chilly season and possibly for the last time this year, we are rallying to the ultimate cause of communal listening.

Because of the deeply caring nature of Twitsquadron members, many officers will be doing their duty with friends and family. They may only have, at best, one ear to the DAB during the live broadcast and scarcely a chance to use their Twitter machines at such an emotional and sherry-oiled time. For this reason, a Special Zone has been set aside for us to meet online and link virtual arms while we listen to our beloved leaders. We hope you can join us on Boxing Day between 6pm and 9pm (Sunday 26th December 2010).

You do not need to be on WickWox's list to join in the fun but she will happily embellish your epaulette if you tweet a message to her.  If you just want to watch the silly witterings while listening to the waffle you can easily do so by clicking on this link for the timeline and if that excites you enough to make a comment, simply tag it with #TwitSquadron and somebody will pick it up. They may even retweet your message. 

More insane members should probably set up a couple of search columns in their Twitter clients....if you hadn't already done that months ago.