Sunday, 26 December 2010

iPlayer reminder and The Christmas Day Show Roundup in Thirtyseconds #AdamAndJoe

6pm GMT Boxing Day (today)
For those who feel the need to hold someone's hand while they listen to yesterday's show, this is a reminder that some people on Twitter will be clicking here and hashing #TwitSquadron at 6pm GMT today.
If you just want to watch while you're listening you can do so here and here. You may have a Twitter client that will allow you to set up easy columns to watch. There are more details here.
If you arrive late to the party, just check your clock for how long after 6pm you're at and slide the iPlayer time thingumy along until you're in right time area.

Edited to add that the full show is here and the edited show is here.

In the meantime and without what anyone could reasonably call spoilers, I bring you the latest show in a thirty second visual format.

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