Wednesday, 29 December 2010

The Best of Adam Buxton's Big Mixtape: Toddler Tunes - Hot Rats #AdamBuxton(Edited Rpt)

Adam Buxton's Big Mixtape this week, could also appeal to little people. It's called Toddler Tunes and features great music that babies and young children may enjoy. Adam will be joined by Gaz Coombes & Danny Goffey from Supergrass, a.k.a. The Hot Rats.

To see us through the rest of the festive week, four of Adam's shows have been lovingly forced into a tiny, one hour slot at midnight from now until Friday. The pods will be cast again for anyone that missed them earlier in the year. The bloggins page that accompanied the original show is here.

I'm so pleased Adam included Nilsson's "Me & My Arrow" in his recent iTunes Celebrity Playlist and I was under the impression he was not familiar with this gorgeous film (The Point !) until the Soap Powder Kings enlightened him. It's a joyous favourite of mine and I hope he plays it on a continuous loop at times of stress.

In case you missed it, the full episode that was hosted by Ken Korda was repeated on Sunday and can still be heard on the iPlayer but it's also running during 6Music Adam And Joe Day* on 3rd January, 2011.

Adam and Joe Song Wars Vol 2 is in the shops now. You can also buy it online from your store of choice.

If you have no respect for lovingly crafted artwork, you could just suck the data out of iTunes.

* Not really but they're playing an awful lot of repeated goodies that day.


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