Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Once again, Adam Buxton has created a meme #AdamBuxtonsBUG #BUGMusicVIdeos #SkyAtlantic

Now that most* people have adopted 'sutin' into their everyday vocabulary, Adam has given us something new to get our chops around.

From Monday's BUG, we have 'my CONDOLENC'.

For Sky Atlantic subscribers, Adam Buxton's BUG is repeated late at night all week and is also available on Sky Go.

The tweets from people who tweeted the phrase are too many so you'll have to explore it yourself but here are just the ones that have been hash-tagged.

Results for "#mycondolenc"


Watched show BUG on via app last night... good show... Great vid at the end too

Your is the closest I've come to feeling better about my hair, The Newsroom and Andy Murray.

Adam Buxton's Bug is the stupidest thing I've ever laughed at so hard I've nearly wrecked my throat.

great show . Look more like De Niro every day. Cheers Sky Atlantic, not just great US shows.

Great show sir! Loved the music vid at the end. Have series linked for record!

someone very close to me has recently been bereaved. Remind me not to say please.

fantastic first episode of Bug on Sky Atlantic

Perfect for hospitals, break ups and funerals.

So glad there's still another 7 episodes of Adam Buxton's BUG to come.

I feel very sorry for you if you didn't just watch on Bug just fact I'd day, my CONDOLENC

...I dont really know what I'm talking about....

The first was great.

*'most people' meaning 'some of my friends'.

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