Monday, 23 July 2012

For @Ultraculture The version of Baby Love that Gordy rejected #AdamAndJoe

For some years, from the comfort of his short trousers, Charlie Lyne toiled at the fan-face of the Adam and Joe community. It is always a pleasure to offer some kind of small payback for those bygone efforts.

In response to his enquiry, here's a clip from nearly five years ago when Adam and Joe got up at some health-threateningly early hour to cover for Shaun W Keaveny while he was away for two weeks.

From 30th August 2007 (Sorry, the sound quality isn't top notch 128bps)

If you're capable of multi-tasking, why not look at Charlie's blog while you're listening. It's the shiz.

Wait, no....this is The Shiz.

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