Friday, 20 July 2012

He's got a blog. He's got a blog. Rooty, Rooty Schmooty #AdamBuxton

....and he's ruddy well updated it again!

If you were quick to read the latest post, you'll probably be a fan already and won't need telling how much Adam loves Joe, how entranced he is by his daughter (& sons), the measure of respect he has for the team behind BUG and you'll probably know that the warmth and candor he shows in interviews is to his enormous credit rather than exposing any perceived wallyocrity.

As ever with Adam, his blog is carefully balanced in it's aim to put right a few omittions made by the interviewers whilst retaining a respectful nod to those toiling at the coal face of the printing presses by appearing to bear the burden of error....or 'wallyishness'.

It's a treat to have two blog communications in one month. It puts me to shame but in my defence, if Adam blogs, you don't need me to.

.....except for the odd bit of Joe news, I guess.



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