Friday, 30 April 2010

Coffee Spluttering incident whilst reading Adam Buxton's You Tubecomments

There are some times when your funny bone is more exposed and vulnerable than at others.
I was filching around Adam's YouTube Channel to see if he'd uploaded the one he showed the other night. For some reason, this comment caught me and flipped me. DaddyPims sounds so sweet, doesn't he??
DaddyPims(1 week ago)

You are a hardcore-loverman. I suggest you legally change your? name to "Hardcore-Loverman Buxton". As well as being totally balls to the wall awesome, it should also increase your sex life by around 32%. Looking forward to the mix tape this weekend!

I think I might have hyphenated balls-to-the-wall though and I wish he'd tell me what I could do to increase my sex life. I'd settle for 2%.

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