Friday, 9 April 2010

Radio Reminderals #AdamBuxton #AdamAndJoe #SaveBBC6Music

Jump on the DAB right now to hear Adam talk to Lauren Laverne this morning.

Adam Buxton's Big Mixtape is being trailed on BBC3!

Not getting the message yet? Listen up.

It's a pre-recorded show but you can listen at the very moment it is aired on your DAB radio, International Netweb machine or your Freeview/Virgin/Sky telly box. If you miss it you can catch-up on the iPlayer and if you're in some kind of silly hurry there's a lovely, chewy podcast.

Don't forget, 6Music are broadcasting 1hr shows made from bits of old podcasts at a secret time deep in the hidden area of 6Music. Listen to the full shows live (see above), on the iPlayer here later on or cut to the chase with the podcast which goes live around 30 seconds after the aired show finishes.

If you cannot be sated without a bit of live, as it's spoken, his mouth to your ear, Buckles waffle you should find yourself any suitable device that will give you a bit of that funny old Radio Two station and plug it into your brain on Saturday morning around 10am. There are so many ways to listen to this, I won't patronise you or waste my time talking you through it again. If all else fails, pop along to your Mum's hairdressers. They're bound to have it on. 

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