Thursday, 22 April 2010

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The Easter Egg Podcast sessions have finished now but Adam is bringing us his own brand of excessive joy on a Sunday lunchtime, followed by a lovely podcast. I'm still feeling that it's a tad disrespectful to hurl a nugget out every day like I used to during the dearth.

I think I'll limit it to when the mood takes me but never on a Sunday.  I don't want to be responsible for any over-bucklage.

It was improbable that Lauren would fail to include something from the beloved ones during her MirthMix yesterday and I must confess my brain was poleaxed at the thought of trying to decide which to suggest.  Happily, since we've had so much Buxton fulfilment, the resounding vote went the the lovely, lanky libido botherer so I'm going to pop that snipple in here.

S A V E     B B C 6 M U S I C  -   Y O U  R    S E C R E T   S T A T I O N    N E E D S     Y O U 
You've procrastinated for long enough.
Fill in the Consultation

Check out 38 Degrees info about a hung parliament here and's sister server the Chris 'Saltyman' Salt's incredible Lego representation of Adam's version of Changes. PLAY the video. It will engorge your day with pleasure.

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