Friday, 2 April 2010

Good Friday: The day that Jesus made someringtones. #AdamAndJoe #SaveBBC6Music

If you have downloaded Adam and Joe's Song Wars Vol 1 from iTunes you will be familiar with some of the details from this 'incident' but I've slotted all the bits of this tawdry jigsaw together in one, longer than usual nugget to celebrate the holy day of the Hot and Crossed Bun.

From 5th January 2008

I will not be posting anything here for the next couple of weekends or indeed on Sundays for the hopefully*, foreseeable future.

This was just meant as a tiny salve in our empty lives while Adam and Joe were away and since Adam is aurally around at the weekends now, it seems only respectful for me to shut the flip up on those days.
I might also give this a rest on the days that BBC 6 Music are broadcasting the twelve Retro podcasts. Don't forget to subscribe to these and also to Adam Buxton's Big Mix Tape podcast.

In the unlikely event that you don't know the full details for the weekend's listening they are as follows:

Saturday 10 am BBC Radio2 - Adam joins Liza Tarbuck to cover for Jonathan Ross
Saturday 10 am BBC 6Music - Adam and Joe Easter Highlights Special.
Sunday 12 noon - BBC 6Music Adam Buxton's Big Mix Tape (with Julian Barratt guesting)
Monday/Tuesday 12 midnight - BBC 6Music Adam and Joe retro podcasts (through to Thursday/Friday 12 midnight & then starting again on the following Monday for a total of twelve podcasts)

I might make time to dribble something into my grown- up blog over the weekend. Don't think, for one minute that I'm slacking or just 'taking some time off' or it's some kind of 'hiatus'. No sir, not me.

Have a lovely Jesus' Choccie-Day and I'll be back on Monday with a podcast intro, as usual.

hopefully* : implying that Adam's Big Mix Tape will be an enduring strand on 6Music.

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