Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Placeholder and Earstuff Reminder #AdamBuxton #AdamAndJoe #SaveBBC6Music

I'm having a break while the real deal fills your ears with perfect, oily potions.

6Music are broadcasting 1hr shows made from bits of old podcasts and peppered with music.  You can listen in bed with your cocoa, or again here or cut to the chase with the podcast which goes live around 30 seconds after the aired show finishes. Please grab these while you can. I don't want a repeat of the wailing on street corners we experienced a couple of months ago from people 'forgot' to grab the 12 Pods of Christmas.

The BBC blog implies that Adam's Big Mix Tape Podcast will count as one of the twelve Easter Pods which seems a bit strange as I'm enjoying it as a totally separate audio experience but as I have so often said, "I don't actually run the BBC".  The podcast is still clocking in at Number One on the iTunes Charts now which must have Buckles swinging around around his shed on a sparkling rope made of affirmation and adoration.

Catch the full Big Miixtape show here and the show Adam did on Saturday with Liza Tarbuck here.

The Most Popular items on the iPlayer speak for themselves. I was warmly comforted by the picture they've used for The Joy Of Six which follows the pod show airing but to my knowledge, did not include anything from Adam or Joe.

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