Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Famous Guy from 4th April 2006 #AdamAndJoe

One could argue that this is a lazy, ill conceived post but I'll have none of it.  

BBC Radio7 broadcast Adam's play last night and we need to give the iPlayer a pounding in the hopes that he may be asked to write some more.  

This was originally heard during Woman's Hour which must have been rattled a few cages.

Listen Now 

- it's there for the next seven days, after which time I shall replace this with the download link Adam posted at the time it first aired.

BBC7 have put that wonky picture on their page for this.

It's wonky because it's so old and none of their facial character is available to ponder. Adam's expression and the strange difference in head sizes makes it look as though he is puppeteering Joe (perhaps that was the intention). Conversely, Adam also looks like he might be sitting on Joe's knee for a special treat but that can't be right because Joe seems calm and happy whereas Adam looks confused.

Most importantly, it's wonky because they are the WRONG WAY AROUND. Everyone knows that it's Adam left & Joe right (to camera). What were they THINKING?

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