Sunday, 12 September 2010

Retro Text The Nation: Beginnings and then some #AdamAndJoe

I can't believe I haven't hustled this bunch of bubbles together before now but that seems to be the case. Sometimes I like to over-blog on a Sunday and this week is certainly no exception.
Starting with this one, grabbed from the first time they reorganised their sacred ten percent of extra, original podcast material. Listen to how supportive Adam is of Joe's wonderful but rare contribution to the jingle cache.

From the podcast for the 21st February 09 show.

A month later, James Richards sent this beautiful bed for Joe to glorify with his own Billy Elliot style rendition and modification.

Made from the podcast for the 21st March 09 show

Theo Campbell made a kind of thrash version.

From 13th June 2009

Then Joe foolishly asked if someone wanted to make a choral version....
From 20th June 2009

The bed John Paul Spears made has a samba feel to it.
From 10th October 2009

There's no dispute that this is a magical noise, sent down to us from the angel community merely using Joe as their mouthpiece but Adam Buxton, prodigious purveyor of endless and acutely topical jingle-jongles, felt rightfully hurt at the adoration poured upon Cornballs for his supplement to James' stunning work.
Just let me know if that sentence is too long, won't you?

From 10th October 09

Mrs Buxton is one of Joe's biggest fans, apparently.

From 14th November 2009

Eventually, Adam admits it has a certain hook.
From 21st November 09

This jingle has had a rocky ride all round. It almost put paid to James' career once.

From the 5th Dec 09 show

Inevitably, Simon Cowell wanted a piece of the action
From 12th December 09

But the real prize was when Macca covered it.

From 28th November 2009

Finally, I feel this completes the suite. A little Adam Anger to get everyone in the mood for Greenwich.
If this isn't a perfect example of Adam's superb acting range, I don't know what is.
From 4th November 2009

It's not as though Adam hasn't had some amazing input from his appreciative and talented Text-The-Nation jingle lovers.
These are collaborations from Lee Henman & Matthew Leach plus original material from Alex Hadham, Robert Wilkinson and finally, Steve Cody's sublime Geordie Version.

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