Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Shaun Keaveny writes a beautiful poem dedicated to Adam Buxton #AdamBuxton

EMERGENCY EDIT: There seems little point in deleting this post now but I feel as though some beautiful shoes have been gently crushed by my furry, button-down slippers.

The most handsome radio producer bar none, James Sterling has made a bloggin for us to enjoy as a kind of sensible, smart version of the nonsense I posted below today. He's even included the words to the poem and tried to insert a little of Shaun's dialect but he's got one word wrong (though it scans more good in the way James done it).

Please visit and comment and pour your love over there. I ache for the 6Music blog to become more active again.


My original post of this morning.........

There is no good reason why a true Adam and Joe fan shouldn't equally enjoy the full three hours of Keaveny-shaped nonsense and good sounds so I do urge you to Listen Again.

Today's show had some priceless morsels and these culminated with a phone call to Adam.

However, if you really do have a superiorly busy schedule or perhaps had to leave for your daily toil before the end of Shaun's show, like a wicked old auntie, I've sucked out the last few strains for your ease and enjoyment

He's more than a man

He's a god among men

His grand comic genius is beyond our ken

He's bearded and rugged and half of a team

that sometimes make merry on radio and screen

His podcasts are legend

His songs are a joy

He now is a man but once was a boy

His comedy stylings are second to none

Of course, I'm talking about Adam Buxton

Shaun Keaveny, September 2010


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