Friday, 24 September 2010

The In and Out of Gangs #AdamAndJoe

Something from the first show of their permanent tenure on 6Music again today.

If you're new to Adam and Joe: a) I envy your first-time journey b) you might want to orientate yourself with this and then this sound first.

From 27th October 2007

They were just finding their way with the Song Wars 'feature' but right out of a blocks, a now familiar pattern emerged. There's a bit of lovely Jude* input in here too. I'll pop another bit from this show in the mix tomorrow.

As most people will know, Joe never did add his girly warbles to this early jingle because Adam plopped his magnificently enduring alternative on the table the following week.

If this has been much too tantalising for you, I can direct you to the iTunes merchandiser portal where you can enjoy the full version of these songs for a small fee and keep them on your MP3 player. Imagine that.

*Jude produced the show before she was lured by the tall buildings and orchard-based excitement of New York. She has a special line in giggles.


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