Thursday, 11 March 2010

Adam Buxton & Joe Cornish collaborate with White Stripes on Official Conker Song #SaveBBC6Music #AdamAndJoe

Furthermore and for no good reason, the whole thing descends into ridiculous, cod French nonsense.

All your Adam and Joe requirements in one little sound pimple.

From 15th December 2007

Save BBC6Music

38 Degrees have main the writing to the BBC so painfully easy, it would be rude not to click around here.

The latest petition is here.
The BBC Trust has opened it's Public Consultation. Please take a moment to look around and make your point.
This blogger has set out some useful methods for showing your support.

J P Stacey has kindly put a sample letter here as guidance but please try to make your submissions individual so they don't get overlooked.

Kate Butler's  8 Point Plan has some useful thoughts too.

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