Thursday, 25 March 2010

The Jonze Faves/Worsties saga continues #AdamAndJoe #SaveBBC6Music

I didn't want to overload anyone's delight organs yesterday so I saved this for twentyfour hours.

As you probably know, after they'd gone off air each Saturday, Adam and Joe would linger a little longer to record an intro and outro for the podcast and they continued to discuss Adam's upcoming interview here.

Podcast for the 5th December 2009 show.


A week later, Adam ran a little post-mortem on the event describing how, from the mellow comfort of his sofa at home, Torpedo Commander Cornballs was able to remotely rattle the sensitive soul of our beloved Buckles.


from 12th December 2009

S A V E     B B C 6 M U S I C  -   Y O U  R    S E C R E T   S T A T I O N    N E E D S     Y O U 

Check out Adam's latest blog entry. Read what he has to say about 6Music, look at the picture of the the #Giftsquadron's hard work, download Adam's wonderful, passionate song and learn the words, make a video and tell your friends. Then, and only then may you sit down and have a cup of tea.


The BBC Trust page is here and to make it even easier, this is a really helpful page. However, this fella reckons that filling in the consultation is the way to go.

If you want to join in a friendly meeting of supportive minds, there will be a gathering next Saturday. Full details arehere but in brief:-

Saturday 27th March at 12pm at Broadcasting House 
(located on Portland Place, W1A 1AA). 
The nearest station is Oxford Circus although it can also be easily reached from Great Portland Street.  See here for a map of the area.

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