Thursday, 18 March 2010

Joe goes too far again #AdamAndJoe #SaveBBC6Music

The temptation to lazily post Adam Buxton's incredible 6Music "Changes" track today was almost overwhelming. However, I took a stern look at myself in the mirror, did a couple of slaps and a breathless mutter of "snap out of it" before picking around to find this.

Something in Adam's blog made me track this bit down. I've half a mind to gather together all the times that Joe 'goes too far' & wiggle them into a visual funny but if the Castle found it, they might smack a P45 on his botty (and if there was any justice in the world, that would be my  job).

1st December 2007

S A V E     B B C 6 M U S I C  -   Y O U  R    S E C R E T   S T A T I O N    N E E D S     Y O U 

Check out Adam's latest blog entry. Read what he has to say about 6Music, look at the picture of the gift I was proud to contribute to, download Adam's wonderful, passionate song and learn the words, make a video and tell your friends. Then, and only then may you sit down and have a cup of tea.
The BBC Trust page is here and to make it even easier, this is a really helpful page.
If you want to join in a friendly meeting of supportive minds, there will be a gathering at the end of the month. Details are here but I'm quoting in case you don't use the Face Booking.
Description: On Saturday 27th March at 12pm, we will gather together outside Broadcasting House to protest against the closure of BBC 6Music.
We have lined up some well-known speakers and live buskers to create an air of festivity. This is a celebration of our beloved station; a demonstration of support for the staff, musicians, and a collective show to the Consultation team that we do not want to lose our station.
What the BBC proposes is unacceptable. 6Music is the only place that caters for our diverse tastes; the only station where you will hear Howling Bells played back to back with Seasick Steve; The Isley Brothers leading into dEUS, Delphic, Yeasayer and all topped off with dash of Half Man Half Biscuit.
The DJs play the music they love for people who love music. It is valuable showcase for new bands and artists, and regardless of what the BBC thinks, we will not find this on Radio 2.
So please join us on the 27th. Come along to show your solidarity and support; bring a flask of tea and have a sing-along all in the name of saving 6Music. Invite everyone you know who might not have been invited through the Facebook group and let’s make this a protest to remember!
**Please note that this is intended to be a friendly, peaceful and safe protest. ** ------------------------------------------------------------------
Further details
Broadcasting House is Located on Portland Place, W1A 1AA. The nearest station is Oxford Circus although it can also be easily reached from Great Portland Street.
See here for a map of the area:

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