Tuesday, 9 March 2010

No Heroics #SaveBBC6Music #AdamAndJoe

This is part of a Text The Nation from 17th November 2007.  It starts off with the kind of shambolic hesitancy that makes you want to slap them, then cuddle them. This was Adam's idea but he didn't think it through for long.

Joe deploys his 'I know a bit about this but I'm going to remain cagey' schtick when listing other hero-inventing media by casually mentioning 'a new ITV series' without referring to the fact that he actually loaned out his silly voice for it. However, he could not keep his peace when Jude questioned the ridiculous idea of a superhero based around an insect like an ant, of all things.
Note: Joe doesn't have a silly voice. He has a lovely voice, of course.
Save BBC6Music
The latest petition is here.
The BBC Trust has opened it's Public Consultation. Please take a moment to look around and make your point.
Finally, this blogger has set out some useful methods for showing your support.
Edited to Add:
J P Stacey has kindly put a sample letter here as guidance but please try to make your submissions individual so they don't get overlooked.
Kate Butler's  8 Point Plan has some useful thoughts too.

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