Sunday, 14 March 2010

Neanderthal Man #SaveBBC6Music #AdamAndJoe

Listener, Craig Machin shares his appraisal of the incredible, Song Wars winning  "James Rohan, Neanderthal Man" by Adam Buxton.

At the end of this link we are treated to one of Joe's favourite accents which harps back to the halcyon days of summer holidays with his family. I can only presume he has refrained from deploying this accent on the set  of "Attack the Block" for fear of it seeming to take the piss out of Luke Treadaway's charming lilt.

Joe also experiences a vocal breakdown not heard since the Roger Moore Interview for which Adam has to cover while the Joe-Bot is rebooted.

All in all, not such a smashing week for pumpkins.

From 24th November 2007
Save BBC6Music
38 Degrees have made writing to the BBC so painfully easy, it would be rude not to click around here.
Here is a link to the full details about the BBC Trust's Public Consultation
Kate Butler's  8 Point Plan has some useful thoughts too.

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