Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Saturday Sunset at Glastonbury #AdamAndJoe

Now, let me set out by saying that I am not in the business of bringing down the BBC. Goodness me, I am such a worthy supporter. I even have a ticket to 6Fest (I know that doesn't fund the BBC  but I thought it deserved a plug).
It is not my intention to upset anyone at the Castle but there are people in other parts of the world simply longing to see the Glastonbury webcam films from Saturday and Sunday. They didn't make it onto the internationally visible BBC YouTube channel so I'm putting them here.
It's at the risk of either upsetting the Centurians or worse still, slightly miffing our worshipful Commanders for once again, reminding them what they look like on the webcam.
Personally, I think they look delightfully silly and a tiny bit delicious but discernment is not one of my strongest merits.

Don't forget you can see Friday's webcam on the BBC's YouTube here. If I put Saturday & Sunday on MY YouTube channel, I will almost certainly get an official slap from the authorities but nobody comes in here, do they?
These could send my storage over the edge so I may take them down after a while, anyway.

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