Thursday, 26 August 2010

Crap Commentary Corner - Daniel Craig, the Poshie #AdamAndJoe

I'm back on track again today. If you'd like a thorough taste of one tiny, but epic corner of Scott Pilgrim vs The UK Day, have a noodle around here as it really captures the insanity and jolly spirit of Ultra Culture Cinema.
I've been meaning to put one of these here for a while because I love the jingle. It's from Joe. Remember the days when Joe put in an honest day's work?
In choosing a representative clip, I felt that it had to be one from the most prodigious film makers to contribute to the strand. (I called it a strand. If that's not puffing the irregular feature out of all proportion, I don't know what is.)

From 25th February 06
There's a ridiculous amount to love about this. The jingle has been my ringtone in it's time, for a start. Joe lapses into his Tim, Nice But Dim which is a rare joy. This is later in the XFM tome so Joe is more relaxed and supportive of Adam, the long ponce with a cocky swagger. Adam is quietly loving every utterance. It feels like the good times are back.
I've purposely not given away the competition answer in the subject line. I don't want this boinging up in the wrong kind of search engine results. Goodness knows what types might start to pop in here.
I loved this show so much, I'll include another clip from it tomorrow. One for the IT Crowd fans......kinda.

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