Sunday, 29 August 2010

They must really miss all those adverts #AdamAndJoe

A few tiddlers on the subject of show-length to waffle-content ratio.
The first three series of XFM shows were only two hours long and in the lazy afternoon. They were littered with commercials and premium rate phone-in features. This often meant there was only about forty minutes of banter to cook up.

When they returned from holiday in the summer of 2006 they had a new morning slot (can I say 'slot' on a Sunday?).
For a couple of months, it was extended by one hour. This was just to fit in more calls from listeners requesting the music they played (a feature called The X List) so they didn't actually need to find much more original nonsense.
However, they never really embraced this element of the show and just kept on with their interminable (or shambolic - you choose) waffle.

It was such a pointless addition that our sensible idiotholes vetoed the whole idea of extra time.

Furthermore,  the new time of day meant they had several minutes of newsreader waffle to interact with.....or not.

It makes you appreciate how much harder they have to work to fill the time at BBC 6Music responsibly

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