Sunday, 15 August 2010

A Sweet Family Eagerly Await their Moment with #AdamAndJoe

This tickles me on several levels. As always, it's revealing and honest in parts then sweetly evasive in others.
Given the main thrust of Joe's point, it amuses me that he begins with "I, Joe Cornish".
Regular listeners will understand that he does that because, odd and incomprehensible though it may seem, some people who only tune in to have 6Music as a wallpapery background STILL can't tell Adam and Joe's voices apart, so to avoid any confusion, Joe often pops that little declaration into his links. He does this a) to distance himself from anything contentious that Adam might have said b) so that we can be in no doubt that the next wonderfully insightful utterance is from the silly long half of the perfect combo and c) if he's pulling his humility out of his locker in a contrite apology......oh and d) if it's a Song Wars week he just throws his name in to subliminally make sure he gets more votes like the shabby cheat that he is.
However, for some reason (and I'd love to know if anything similar happens to other listeners) every time he says it, my brain hears "I, the incomparably magnificent Joseph of Cornishly Manor". I love him and I know his head's not that far up his own botty but there's something about the way he says it.................

From 7th March 09

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