Saturday, 7 August 2010

Adam, Garth and a few pixies......and Joe is working veryhard #AdamAndJoe

To make up for yesterday's tiny one, I done a much bigger one today.
This was inspired by a tweet from the lovely, talented Kimika. If I was an Auntie worth my salt, I would have found the exact podcast to which she refers, especially since the film is on BBC2 tonight.
This is one where Garth has his feet wedged nicely under the table between the legs and the tongue & groove of the floorboards -  a point about which Joe takes a little umbrage as he phones in (no, literally) his contribution to this week's show.
I think this gives a little insight into why Adam was not allowed to have guests filling in with him while Joe has been making his film for this interminable amount of time.
Garth says something horrible about Lady Miss Kier which is completely out of character for the nicest man in the world and he is immediately full of remorse. In most people's terms it was just a slightly derogatory aside but the nicest man in the world understandably feels it is 'horrible'.
Joe goes all 'showbiz reporter' on our arses as he tells us about the movies he's seen and the palpable excitement in his fragile little body from some David Blaine loogie-of-death action. He continues to name drop for the rest of phone call. It's a lovely rambling piece and even manages to reference Doot Doo

from 27th September 2008.
I made a post on my bigger, sillier blog last week and almost as if we were in some way synchronised, after months of silence, Adam did one too. The main difference is that Adam's is packed full of interesting things to read, including the final release of his Festival Song video, a report from his time at Latitude and further mention of a November return for the Nation's Favourite Show.

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